Says She Wants To Be More Like MILEY CYRUS



While speaking with a Boston radio station recently, Ariana Grande confessed that not only is she a huge Miley Cyrus fan (and really, who isn’t?), she also wishes that she could be more like the “Wrecking Ball” singer.

So what did Ariana, specifically, have to say? Well, this – for starters,

I think she’s dope, I think she’s a rock star, I think she’s expressing herself, and there’s nothing wrong with adding a little fun into pop culture. I wish I had enough confidence to get naked and sit on a wrecking ball. If you had her body, you’d be on that ball right with her.

There’s definitely no denying that Miley is a rock star. After her VMA performance last year that grabbed her a ton of press, Miley has continued her rise to the top. She’ll actually be collaborating with Madonna - the Queen of Pop herself! – during her first MTV Unplugged special.

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  1. Star says

    I actually think this is really sad. The reason I like Arianna Grande is that she’s not like Miley. Miley is trashy to sell music. Those are publicity tactics. Arianna is actually talented and she has a great body too!!!!!!