Well, well, isn’t this interesting? Within a couple of hours of rumors flying that Wilmer Valderrama intended to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Demi Lovato, there are now pictures floating around showing Demi with a suspicious looking ring on a very important finger!

According to OK Magazine Demi recently told Wilmer that if he wanted a future with her he needed to curb his partying, big time. And he did! Hopefully these engagement rumors are true, because I think these two are adorable together!

Demi and Wilmer are probably the most discrete couple in Hollywood – they’re rarely spotted out together, and have never really confirmed or denied their relationship. And you know what, I think that’s kind of refreshing! And Demi definitely deserves to have some space… although if this engagement thing is true, they’re probably going to be swarmed by paparazzi for the next few days.

 Photos via WENN.

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