JESSICA ALBA Shares Scaring Inspiration For The Honest Company

Jessica Alba Visits The Honest Company

Although we know Jessica Alba as an actress, it’s hard to overlook the fact that in the last few years, she’s become an entrepreneur, founding her own business, called The Honest Company. Jessica’s even written a book in support of the same eco-friendly principles called ‘The Honest Life.’ Jessica shared the inspiration for starting The Honest Company with Us Weekly. It all stemmed from an incident when her older daughter, Honor, was a baby.

My kid’s diaper exploded. All of a sudden, these beads were in her mouth. And I was calling my mom, and I was like, ‘What happened? What do I do? What is this made out of?’ I called my pediatrician. I called 911. I completely freaked out.”

What the diaper company had to tell Jessica didn’t ease her worries. At all.

Basically, the company said, ‘You have to have your doctor write us a letter and tell us what your child is allergic to. And we’ll let you know if we have that ingredient in our diaper.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m not going to test if there are certain chemicals.’ Like, I’m not going to pour petroleum down my kid’s throat and say, ‘Oh, are you going to have an adverse reaction to this?’ No way.”

I don’t blame Jessica for feeling that way! Add in an allergic reaction to baby laundry detergent and Jessica made up her mind: she was starting a company that featured safe, effective, affordable, eco-friendly products. Although Jessica is passionate about her company and its products, she admits she’s become more lax as a mom.

I was much more of a control freak before, probably. You kind of have to roll with the punches and be a little more easygoing with parenthood. I was like, ‘I’ll never have toys in my living room!’ Yeah, right.”

She also tries to control the clutter by having her kids give away an old toy when they get a new one.

Good luck with that one. Even hand-me-down dollies and hand-me-down dresses that my daughter [Honor] gets from her cousin — I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s time for you to take something and hand it down to your sister.’ And she wants no part of that.”

LOL! Here’s Jessica heading into her office at The Honest Company.

Photos by Stoianov/FAMEFLYNET