KIM KARDASHIAN Is Back To Brunette For VOGUE Cover


Kim Kardashian – who made a semi-big deal about dying her hair blonde on her hit reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians – has gone back to her roots. Well, her hair has anyway. The gorgeous reality star posted a snap on her Instagram account of a much darker hair color, with the caption “I’m back.”

The interesting part about this, though, isn’t Kim’s changing hair color – but the reason why she changed it. Rumor has it that yesterday, while we were all watching the Super Bowl, Kim was partaking in a photo shoot… for Vogue. Kim has been trying to land herself a Vogue cover forever and it looks like she may have finally done it.

I’m thinking that without Kanye West’s friendship with Anna Wintour, the famed editor would never have let Kim anywhere near a Vogue shoot. It looks like Kanye’s [creepy] makeover of his fiance is paying off after all.

Photos via WENN and Instagram.




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    Oh please…. she’s not doing a Vogue cover. That’s something Kris put out in hopes people would believe it. It’s not going to happen. Vogue would never lower themselves to those depths. They have standards, Kim does not.