Super Bowl XLVIII Wrap Up

hugh jackman at super bowlGet Sports Obsessed:

Aussie Hugh Jackman was at the Super Bowl XLVIII! He posted this pic earlier today on Instagram with the caption “Are you kidding me!!!” As you might have guessed, Hugh was rooting for the Denver Broncos. Just in case you were one of the people who avoided the 2014 Super Bowl, it went down like this: the Seattle Seahawks played the Denver Broncos. The Bronos avoided a blowout by scoring in the second half, but their #1 ranked offensive line was shut down by the Seahawks’ #1 ranked defensive line.

The Broncos started off on the wrong foot when Peyton Manning missed the very first ball, leading to the Seahawks getting on the scoreboard with two points. Things went downhill from there. By the halftime, the Seahawks were leading 22-0. The Broncos did manage to score in the second half, but, as John Elway said, “It’s just one of those nights.” The Seahawks won, 43-8, so it was great for them and Seattle, but people are already making the case that Super Bowl XLVIII could be one of the WORST Super Bowls ever. But there was plenty of entertainment, from Bruno Mars’ AMAZING halftime show to some really great Super Bowl commercials.

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If you did watch, what did you think of the game last night?

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Now, ‘fess up, for all of you who may not be all THAT into sports ;).

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And I’ll be the first to out myself: I watch the game FOR the commercials! How about you?

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