KRISTIN DAVIS Walks Easy With Portovelo

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Portovelo shoes are new to the scene but getting a lot of buzz. Their number one fan is Sex and The City’s Kristin Davis. In fact, she loved them so much she ordered them in every color! They vaguely resemble TOMS, but we think they are a little cuter!

INO got the chance to speak with the designer and founder, Lavina Tan to talk about this newcomer. First, we wanted to know about the philanthropic element to the company.

What companies has Portovelo partnered with?

The Flourishing Futures food program in Mongolia as well as World Vision’s Typhoon Haiyuan disaster relief efforts in the Philippines have been our main partners so far. In Spring we will be partnering with GVI (Glocal Ventures) who mainly does aid work in Vietnam.

Tell me about the designer and why did you decide to create this shoes and couple them to philanthropy?

I am the main designer as well as founder of the brand. I’m an avid traveler and love exploring new places. But after 20+ years of traveling all 7 continents, I realize I still couldn’t find the perfect pair of shoes. Sneakers were too bulky (and I’m too lazy for laces), while ballet flats weren’t rugged enough. So I decided to design my own canvas shoes that were comfortable and lightweight, yet also stylish and easy to match.

More importantly, over my years of traveling esp to developing countries (Tanzania, Nepal, Cambodia, China and Kenya), I was able to witness firsthand many needs and injustices — hunger, poverty, lack of access to clean water, HIV/Aids, lack of education opportunities. Travel exposed me to many real problems, and since my shoes were designed for travel, I thought it would be really meaningful to merge my shoes with the issues and causes I’ve witnessed firsthand.

Portovelo is in essence a shoe designed for the traveler who wants to make a difference, who wants to travel with purpose.

Shoes with a heart – how could we be anything but obsessed? Visit Portovelo at

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