SELENA GOMEZ Admitted To Rehab!


Selena Gomez Rehab

It was a bit surprising a couple of weeks ago when we saw pictures of Selena Gomez with a pack of cigarettes in her hand, but it seems things are much more dire for the brunette singer.

Sources close to  to Selena told Star exclusively, and her rep (sorta) confirmed rep, that former Disney Princess was admitted to a 45-day treatment program at Dawn at the Meadows in Arizona. According to her rep, Selena only finished up two weeks out of the recommended 45-days while receiving inpatient treatment, but continues her treatment on an outpatient basis. This revelation makes the cancellation of the remainder of her tour a lot more clear.

Here’s where the shades of grey come in – Selena’s rep is insisting that the singer was admitted due to exhaustion, but the source is saying that she checked in because she began using marijuana and prescription drugs. The source is also blaming Selena’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, as the catalyst for her suddenly bad behavior.

Whatever the story is, we hope that Selena is getting the help that she wants and needs, and we’re sure that with the support of her friends and family she’ll come through better than ever before!