BRITNEY SPEARS Lip-Syncing Proof?



Pop Princess Britney Spears can put on one heck of a show, but with all that dancing and moving around stage people have long speculated that  she might be faking it, a bit.

As it turns out, during Tuesday night’s show in Las Vegas Britney’s mic pack flew off during a particularly intense dance segment… but the vocal track kept playing, which kind of proves the naysayers right. Brit quickly put her mic back on and tried to cover it all up, but one fan managed to capture the moment on a recording, possibly cementing the proof that Britney lip-syncs during her concerts.

The thing is – when you watch the video it doesn’t actually seem like the microphone ever came disconnected from the pack. Yeah the microphone was jostled a bit but it never fully came off, and never even really moved away from Brit’s mouth.

Photos via WENN.