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Mom-to-be Olivia Wilde is obsessed with Antica Famacista, “the flower that never fades.” The aromatic diffusers are a great alternative to the traditional bouquet because these fragrances can be enjoyed for months on end. While I love a great floral arrangement, they always die on me within a week. Antica Famacista luxury home fragrance and diffusers last longer and prolong the sentiment.

To really celebrate Valentine’s day,  wish for Prosecco scented bubble bath, infusers and hand cream. How do they capture the scent of Champagne? With top notes of Satsuma citrus balance with subtle floral notes of muguet. Apricot and passionfruit complement the sweetness of sugared black currant. This is a crisp scent celebrating the sparkling effervescence of Prosecco and Champagne.

I’m a little obsessed with Manhattan, a fragrance of top notes of zesty Satsuma and bergamot citrus balance the spice and aromatic black pepper. A subtle brandied cherry note is an elegant accompaniment to the rich notes of deep cognac, vetiver, amber and bourbon.  Antica Farmacista offers this fragrance in a variety of products, including diffusers, room sprays, and candles.

Which Antica Farmacista fragrance are you wishing for this Valentine’s Day? Shop their complete collection at http://www.anticafarmacista.com/

Antica Farmacista



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