HILARY DUFF #ModernFamily Vacation

hilary duff instagramThis really is a #ModernFamily! Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie shocked us all last month when they announced their split. They gave the obligatory statement about remaining the best of friends who were putting their son’s needs first as they transitioned to co-parenting. Well, Hilary and Mike actually appear to be making good on their word. The couple, along with their son, Luca, are enjoying a family vacation in Hawaii. Hilary posted this picture on her Instagram account with a simple caption.

#modernfamily #vacation #juicypear

You have to give these two credit: they really do appear to be putting whatever drove them to end their marriage behind them! How many divorcing couples do you see vacationing in Hawaii? Good for them!

Photo Courtesy of Hilary Duff




  1. kelly says

    Do kinda want them together. They do not look unhappy together maybe there is a chance?
    Luca deserves great parents like this!