KAITLYN FARRINGTON Olympian Wins Halfpipe Gold

kaitlyn farrington gold medal 2014 olympics (1)

Get Sports Obsessed:

I think it’s safe to say Kaitlyn Farrington is having a great time in Sochi! The snowboarder won the gold medal in the women’s halfpipe competition. Kaitlyn’s family financed her snowboarding training and competition by selling their livestock. According to USA Today, if Kaitlyn had to travel to a snowboarding competition, her father sold a cow. If she had to take a coach, he might sell two cows. At this point, the Farringtons have sold ALL of their cows. After winning the gold medal, Kaitlyn said:

I’m sure they do not miss those cows today.”

I’m sure they don’t- LOL. Congratulations, Kaitlyn!

Photos by NBC Olympics/USOC