EMMA WATSON Fashion Fun At 2014 Elle Awards: Love It Or Hate It?

emma watson elle awards 2014 (1)

Former ‘Harry Potter‘ star Emma Watson chose a great occasion to experiment with style! Here’s Emma working the red carpet at the Elle Awards in London. What do you make of her outfit? Really, the question is, what do you make of her skirt? From what I can see looking at the front and side (she was careful not to get any pictures from the rear!), it looks like a very fitted mini-skirt with an oversized bow on the front.

Emma had some fun, fashion-wise, at the Golden Globes, too. Remember the trousers she wore under the thigh-high slit/backless dress? What I love about Emma’s fashion choices is that she’s wearing eye-catching outfits without resorting to the trick of flaunting a lot of skin. For a lot of celebs, that seems to be what a “fashion risk” is today: showing as much as you can without getting arrested for indecent exposure. LOVE that Emma isn’t resorting to that!

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