Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


Kanye West is infamous for his seemingly endless rants and his obsession with perfection, but now it looks like things might be getting a entirely out of hand.

Sources are saying that Kanye is doing everything he can to control every aspect of Kim Kardashian’s life, including giving her a “do” and “don’t” list for 2014. According to Star, the restrictions and actions that Kanye has put in place include,

 Monitoring Kim’s phone; forcing her to cut ties with friends he believes are selling stories to the media; restricting the amount of times she’s seen in public with her family; approving all photos before she posts to social media; and making sure they are never in clashing outfits.

If I were Kim I’d be heading for the hills as quickly as possible!

Photos via WENN.




  1. Yayi says

    Well, if your were Kim maybe you wouldn’t be thinking this way, maybe would would agree to any situation that meant keeping you in the public eye. She needs it. She wants it. She met her match, and she’s perfectly happy following all of his delluted antics. I mean, someone as materialistic such as herself would follow his every lead, just to continued to meet all those designers and being associated with someone with an USUAL carrer and TALENT.