scarlett johansson pregnant (1)

OMG! I know the Hollywood Baby Boom is going strong, but somehow, I didn’t expect this. Scarlett Johansson is pregnant! She announced her engagement to Romain Dauriac six months ago. Now they’re expecting a baby. People confirmed the news, although there doesn’t appear to be any official confirmation from Scarlett’s rep.

Just last January Scarlett said she wasn’t yet busy with wedding planning. Maybe she’ll shift her attention to getting ready for baby and plan her wedding after the baby comes. Or Scarlett could surprise us like Jennifer Love Hewitt and quietly tie the knot without us having a clue. We’ll have to see. TMZ claims she’s about 5 months along, which means we should be seeing a baby bump! The pictures here were taken a couple of days ago, on March 1, so if she is in her second trimester, her baby bump’s still pretty small. Congratulations to Scarlett and Romain!