BRUCE JENNER Forced Off ‘Dancing With The Stars’ By KRIS JENNER

Bruce Jenner DWTS

It turns out that there has been a method – or at least a reason – behind Bruce Jenner’s new prettification regime.

Apparently, Bruce’s new-found interest in his appearance – including having his Adam’s Apple shaved down and maintaining long and lustrous locks – had to do with a being on Season 18 of Dancing With The Stars.

It also turned out that Bruce won’t be appearing on the show… because his wife, (Ex-wife? Soon-to-be-ex-wife?) Kris Jenner, won’t let him. Sources are saying that Kris is worried that Bruce’s popularity will outshine her own fame, and as a result she is forbidding him from appearing on the ballroom dancing competition.

For his part, we’re a bit surprised that Bruce is letting her boss him around. We thought part of his move to Malibu and the separation was so that he could assert his independence from Kris… not continue to be pushed around from afar.

Photos via WENN.