NICOLE RICHIE & IRELAND BALDWIN Rockin’ Purple Locks, ala KELLY OSBOURNE (Love It Or Hate It?)

kelly osbourne, nicole richie & ireland baldwin purple hair trend (7)

Who knew Kelly Osbourne was starting a trend when she dyed her hair purple? It may have taken a moment, but the purple hair trend seems to be catching on. Nicole Richie showed off Instagram pics of her purple hair earlier this week. Now Ireland Baldwin has joined the fashion movement, calling her hair “purp.”

I had no idea the trend of dyeing hair ends a different color would spread to this- LOL. Punk hair color is IN right now (because you know this is going to expand to other colors). What do you think of it? I think it’s a fun look. I have no plans to join it, but it’s fun to look at ;). I’ve gotta ask…

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Photos by FAMEFLYNET as well as Courtesy of Nicole Richie & Ireland Baldwin