ZAGGORA Hotwear Helps You Work Out Better

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Do you want to get more from your workout? Aren’t you always asking why they don’t seem to improve on gym tops for women often enough? Build a lean and strong body with the amazing Zaggora 3 step program! They teamed up with top London fitness and nutrition experts to create the program for a happier, healthier and hotter you!! Get started today!

Here are the details:


Put Yourself to the Test with the Zaggora Challenge

Our six week exercise plan will help you hone and shape your body like never before. With three difficulty levels, you’ll improve your fitness and love your body, no matter how active you are now:

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Fuel Up with the Zaggora Diet

Regulate your sugar intake, reduce cravings and eat to get lean with our delicious two week meal plan that gives you a more nutritious and balanced approach to food.

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Work Out with Zaggora Hotwear

Join thousands of women around the world who get more out of their workout with Zaggora.

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Here’s how it works!

During 2011 and 2012, Zaggora commissioned research on Hotwear from ETScience, based at the University of Southern California, USA (“ETS Study”)***, and from the Chelsea School of Sport, University of Brighton in the UK** (“UB Study”).

Their research shows that the use of a Zaggora top and bottom (“Zaggora Hotwear”) during exercise, at an appropriate level of intensity and while remaining well hydrated, may help to increase the rate of calorie burn.

Both studies confirm the finding that exercising in Zaggora Hotwear can increase calorie burn.

  • The UB Study tested 13 subjects in Zaggora HotPants and 13 in standard active wear and found that exercising in HotPants can increase energy expenditure during exercise by an average of 11%.
  • The ETS Study first tested 30 subjects in Zaggora Hotwear and 30 subjects in standard active wear and found that exercising in Zaggora Hotwear can lead to an increase in energy expenditure as compared to standard active wear of 6% on average.
  • When testing a group of 10 subjects running at a constant speed, subjects in Zaggora Hotwear burned 9.7% more calories than subjects in standard exercise clothing during 30 minutes of exercise.

The bottom line…wearing this gear during your workout dramatically improves results with less intensity in your workout, making you happier and healthier. What more can you ask for?

*This is a sponsored post