Did MICHAEL JACKSON Have Another Child?

Michael Jackson

Oh goodness. It looks like Michael Jackson might have had a love child, well before his three children were born. Or – you know – not.

According to TMZ there is a man – Alki David – who claims that he has a DNA test proving that Brandon Howard, the son of gospel singer Miki Howard (who used to go by the nickname “Billy”), and a singer in his own right, is


Michael Jackson’s son! Interestingly, Brandon was born just one year after the song Billie Jean came out, which might look pretty suspicious under the circumstances.

But – it turns out that the circumstances are grossly exaggerated. After initially posting the story, TMZ was able to prove that the DNA “results” were actually a complete fraud, and even went as far as to deconstruct the logo for the testing “company” to prove that it’s nothing more than a scam. Brandon also released a statement at the beginning of this whole saga saying that he never authorized any of his DNA to be compared to Michael’s DNA.

Photos via WENN.