LINDSAY LOHAN Made A Stop on ‘The Tonight Show’


Lindsay Lohan – who is in the process of getting her comeback fully on track – made a pit stop on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and it was glorious. In case you’ve forgotten, Lindsay is out on the promo trail for her new docu-series that premieres on Sunday on OWN!

Lindsay (who Jimmy called “pal”) was totally on board for their hilarious game of Water War. Basically, they played a few rounds of the card game War – but whoever won each round got to throw a glass of ice cold water in the other’s face. And the winner got to use (drumroll, please!) The Water Cannon.

Just prior to the stint beginning Lindsay said her heart was beating fast and seemed super nervous, and then asked Jimmy to take a before and after selfie with her. And then – hilarity ensued! Seriously, it was hilarious – I laughed throughout the entire thing – and you will too when you check it out below!

Video via The Tonight Show on YouTube, Photos via WENN.