NICOLE KIDMAN Hot New Trailer: ‘Grace Of Monaco’

nicole kidman in grace of monaco 2Get THE Screen Obsessed Movie Buzz:

I’ve been WAITING to see this movie! It’s Nicole Kidman starring in ‘Grace of Monace‘ about the late Princess Grace. Before marrying the Prince of Monaco, Grace Kelly was an actress in Hollywood. She left the glitz and glamour of Hollywood behind to become Monaco’s Princess.  This trailer is much more informative than the last one I saw.

This movie was scheduled for release in 2013 before it got pulled. ‘Grace of Monaco’ is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 14, and it will open in France on the same date. It’s scheduled for release in the UK on June 6. The Weinstein Co holds the rights to show it in the United States: hopefully they’re going to let it debut on the big screen!




  1. says

    there is so much money invested in this that something has to go terribly wrong for us not to see it on the big screen ….but if all goes right in Europe, we will only see it only at the end of the year to give Nicole Kidman a run for the Oscars

  2. Pixi says

    I think Scarlett Johanson ( think I spelled that correct) would have been a better choice.. I don’t know why..I just can’t see Nicole Kiddman in the role…no disrespect to Nicole ..just my opinion .