Celeb Blind Item: Who Treated Kissing Like An Acting Job?

Blind Folded ManThis one is a BIG surprise because of the partial reveal. Here’s the goss:

This B+ list mostly movie actress/Academy Award winner/nominee was talking about the first time she made out with this A list mostly movie actor who was A+ list at the time. She said he had no idea what to do and treated it like he was acting. Kissing was as far as the couple ever went despite dating for months. She said that she tried to undress him and showed up naked once in his trailer but he told her to get dressed because he had a meeting and then sat in his trailer for hours until he thought she had left.

Check out the reveal. My jaw just about dropped, because based on who the actress is supposed to be, I have a pretty good idea who the actor is. Take a look and then share your guess!

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights