Pegged For WICKED Movie

Lea Michele Harry Styles Wicked Movie


If you try to say right now that you don’t like Wicked we’re just going to say right now that we know you’re lying. Or just playing hard to get.

It looks like Harry Styles and Lea Michele are the frontrunners for the first of the casting rumors for the Wicked movie! Lea Michele is rumored to be playing Elphaba (the “Wicked Witch of the West”) while Harry is rumored to be playing Fiyero. (Another thing you’ve got to admit – the second you saw Lea Michele sing the first time on Glee you immediately cast her as Elphaba in your dream scenario.)

There’s no word yet on who is slated to play Glinda (the Good Witch), but we’re betting the casting decision will be something we can fully get on board with!

Photos via WENN.