Has Hired A New Nanny For PRINCE GEORGE

Kate Middleton


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) have hired a new nanny for Prince George to accompany them on their three week tour of Australian and New Zealand, and to undertake regular duties in the future. The tour is set to begin in early April and will be a non-stop, action packed, whirlwind of good will and charity!

Although the officials at Kensington Palace have not commented on the new hire, she is said to be from Spain, in her late 30s, and “married to the job.” This is quite a departure from the traditional royal nannies of years gone by, who are generally a bit older, and British. Always British.

While the nanny – whose name has not yet (and may not ever) been announced – is originally from Spain, she has been working in the UK for a few “a couple of decades” and has worked for many high-profile families. This is how The Cambridges got word of her reputation and decided to hire her.

Hmm, we wonder if they had to steal her away from anyone!

Photos via WENN.