ROBIN THICKE & PAULA PATTON Is Paula Willing To Give Robin Another Chance?

paula patton open to reconciling with robin thicke (1)

According to TMZ, Robin Thicke’s public campaign to win Paula Patton back just might be working. Robin has been publicly pleading with Paula to give him a second chance during his performances while on tour. He’s even said things like:

We gotta learn to forgive each other, learn to love each other … no matter who it is in your family or relationship … ’cause you’re always gonna need your friends and family.”

Ooookaaayyyy… How about don’t give people a reason to need to forgive you in the first place, Robin? Just a thought. Yet sources close to Paula are now telling TMZ that she’s open to giving him another chance. She reportedly hasn’t hired a lawyer yet. It’s hard to pull the plug on a marriage when kids are involved. Perhaps Paula’s trying to REALLY yank Robin’s chain and send a clear signal that she’s fed up with his ways? She’s not the only one: check out the pictures of students in the gallery who boycotted Robin when he performed at Boston University last week.

Photos by Patriot Pics/FAMEFLYNET & FAMEFLYNET