A Fat Girl Dancing – Feel Good Video Of The Day

fat girl dancing videoGet Good Obsessed:

I know the title of the video, ‘A Fat Girl Dancing,’ sounds derogatory, but there’s a reason for it! Whitney Thore grew up a regular weight. However, after being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, she gained 200 pounds. Whitney reportedly found it surprising how differently she was treated as an overweight woman compared to when she had been of average weight. One thing she did to combat that was make this video, ‘A Fat Girl Dancing,’ as part of her No Body Shame Campaign.

Whitney is combating fat shaming by showing off her body and her dance moves. Why do we have to make someone’s weight so personal? I mean, yes, it’s a health issue, but a person’s weight is not a statement about a person’s character! Check out this video, and be ready to bust a move yourself. Go Whitney!