KRYSTEN RITTER ‘Veronica Mars’ Star: Love It Or Hate It

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Veronica Mars‘ star Krysten Ritter is hitting the promotional circuit for her new movie, which hits theaters (and Direct TV) on FRIDAY. I Can Not WAIT to see the new ‘Veronica Mars’ movie! I’m shocked the studio never picked it up, and I’ve never been so happy for Kickstarter (which is how they funded the project). Okay, let me try to bring my geek girl squealing under control now- LOL.

Krysten dropped by Sirius radio studios to chat about the ‘Veronica Mars’ movie. What do you think of her outfit? Check out those toned abs! I think Krysten looks great. The play with prints is fun. What say you?

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Photos by Spartano/FAMEFLYNET