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Tracy Anderson, personal trainer to the stars including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Nicole Richie, is best known for the Tracy Anderson Method. Her namesake method of getting the stars into shape for movies and the red carpet has made Anderson a celebrity in her right. With gyms located in NYC, London, LA and the Hamptons, Anderson gets access to the best fashion from across the globe.

Bianca Pratt jewelry is a favorite of Anderson. Some may even say she’s a little obsessed! With their gorgeous nameplate necklaces and script rings, what’s not to love? INO caught up with the founder, Bianca Pratt to talk about her namesake line.

Since the collection includes “a menagerie of lucky charms,” tell me about your lucky charm.

The collection has an array of choices when it comes to the lucky charms, some examples would be; a hot pretzel, palm tree, ice cream cone,  tennis balls, baseball, football, moon & star and a figa(Brazilian symbol for protection). These small charms are fun to wear layered or alone.  Who doesn’t need a lucky charm in their life?

Tell me about how Bianca Pratt collection got its lucky break in business.

I come from a family of artists, growing up I was always inspired being around such creative minds.  This has definitely influenced the collection which includes original, small, detailed, dainty and sweet pieces. I like for my pieces to be unique to its owner’s.

If INO readers got a peak into the design studio, what would we see?
A  life size horse statue, a stuffed cheetah, a motorcycle and many clippings of inspiration in my work area on the wall.

Pick three items that should be on every INO wish list.
The heart necklace, one of my nameplate necklaces that read: love, honey, amour or fate and one of the script rings which reads: serendipity, dream, taken or desire
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