Putting The Brakes On PRINCE HARRY

Cressida and Prince Harry

It seems that Cressida Bonas may be taking a page out of Prince William’s book!

While Prince William was dating Kate Middleton (who is now his wife, and is known as The Duchess of Cambridge), he wanted to take things slow and waited eight years before proposing. Now, it seems, Cressida is following in his footsteps, and telling her boyfriend Prince Harry that she doesn’t want to rush into marriage.

Although the couple have “confirmed” their relationship by allowing themselves to be photographed together during one of Prince Harry’s royal engagements, The Telegraph (a proper newspaper, not a tabloid) is reporting that Cressida is putting the brakes on things. She is apparently still wrestling over whether or not she’s content to give up her dream of being a dancer to marry Prince Harry. Oh no, the last time Prince Harry had a girlfriend who felt she had to choose between him and her career she broke his heart (Chelsy Davy, we’re looking at you).

Photos via WENN.