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File this one as a big, huge loss for Kim Kardashian.

It seems that the rumors about Beyonce disliking Kim Kardashian are far more than just rumors. The two women have been brought into the same social circle by their significant others – Kanye West and Jay-Z are best friends. However it seems that Bey has simply never been able to warm up to Kim.

With Kim’s nuptials just a few months ago, it recently came out that Jay-Z declined Kanye’s request to be his best man, saying that he didn’t want to be a part of the filming of the reality show. But it was made clear that Jay-Z would definitely be in attendance at the wedding. Unfortunately, though, it seems that Beyonce isn’t thrilled about going to the wedding at all. She’s apparently been telling friends that she thinks their wedding will be “tacky” since it’ll be filmed for E!, and she’d really rather not go.

This definitely puts Jay-Z in a difficult position, torn between his wife and his best friend, but in the end it seems Beyonce is going to man up and attend the wedding so that Jay can be there for his friend. But that doesn’t mean she’s got to be happy about it!

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    Oh, their wedding is going to be tacky all right. I’m surprised that Beyonce (a famously secretive person) would even consider going to something that is definitely going to be filmed and commercially exploited. Funny!