JUSTIN BIEBER May Be Copping A Plea In His Egg Throwing Case

Justin Bieber egg case

I never know what to think about Justin Bieber. Sometimes I’m rooting for him to get his life together, and other times I just want him to go away. Especially when he’s near Selena Gomez – stay away from her, dude!

Anyway, it looks like Justin Bieber’s egg throwing case may soon be coming to a close… because he’s going to be cutting a plea deal with the cops. Incase you’ve forgotten the details amidst the other ridiculous things the Biebs has done recently, I’ll refresh your memory. A few months back Justin and some friends egged one of his neighbors homes. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong house to egg because they managed to cause over $4,000 in damage – which makes his childish prank a felony in the state of California.

Now, TMZ is reporting that the District Attorney has been in touch with Justin’s lawyers to hash out a deal. According to their sources, “the plan would have Bieber pay the damages and plead no contest to misdemeanor vandalism in the case, with no jail time and only informal probation.”

It looks like Justin might be catching a lucky break with this one!

Photos via WENN.