‘90201’ Throwback! #tbt

jessica alba & jennie garth tbtOMG. I never knew Jessica Alba appeared on ‘90210’! She still has a pic of her appearance on the hit show (with Jennie Garth), which she posted on Instagram for Throwback Thursday (#tbt).

For those of you who were old enough to watch the original ‘90210’ (or watch the reruns), do you remember Jessica on the show? I have NO memory of this, but then, I wasn’t a religious’90210′ viewer. This is the stuff I love about social media and things like #tbt. You learn things you never would’ve had a clue about otherwise. If anyone does remember, spill the deets on Jessica’s role. This pic looks pretty intense!

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Alba


  1. Jaclyn says

    She played a teen mom who left her baby on the doorstep of the clinic Kelly worked at. She made a brief attempt to get the baby back, which is what this moment pictured is showing. She ended up letting the baby be adopted.

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