LINDSAY LOHAN All Smiles While Out & About In The City

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Lindsay Lohan’s looking upbeat on the streets of NYC. Perhaps she’s happy to be free of filming? Have you been watching her OWN show, called ‘Lindsay‘? I saw the first episode. What can I say about it? TRAIN WRECK.

I haven’t seen subsequent episodes (I know at least one more has aired), but from what I’ve heard, it sounds like Lindsay gave the production crew quite a few headaches. You know it’s bad when you have OPRAH dropping F-bombs- LOL.

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I’ve always been pulling for Lindsay. This girl had the deck stacked against her with her dysfunctional family. Yet, I have to admit, I’m beginning to lose hope. Perhaps ‘Lindsay’ will showcase her incredible turn around after a rough start. Yet I heard she fired her sobriety coach as soon as the show finished shooting, so I have to say… I’m losing hope. Maybe Lindsay will prove me wrong.





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    She actually seems like she’s in a really good place. Happy for her! I’m SO glad she’s back in New York. LA seemed like it was a terrible place for her.