TAYLOR SWIFT Paid A Visit To Fans In The Hospital

Taylor Swift Visits Hospital

Say what you will about her music (although I happen to love it), but there’s no denying that Taylor Swift is sweet as pie.

Over the weekend Taylor stopped by the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City to spend some time with one of her fans that was recovering from a transplant. Taylor initially planned to spend about 30 minutes at the hospital, but ended up spending five hours there. Yes, you read that correctly – five hours.

Check out this video of the visit (that includes lots of hamming by the girl’s family), and see just how gracious Taylor is to all of her fans!


There aren’t many celebrities that are willing to spend much one on one time with their fans at all, with the exception of signing a few autographs on the way in or out of a talk show appearance, but Taylor consistently goes out of her ways to make her fans feel appreciated, and this is no exception.

Kudos to Taylor, and best wishes to her fan!

Photos via Fame Flynet.




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    I totally WANT to like her, but then I see those Keds commercials where she’s all “Being brave is different for everyone,” and I’m like “What have YOU ever been brave about, beautiful rich and talented Taylor Swift?” Seriously, she bugs.