Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Engaged

Yesterday it was reported that Selena Gomez was wearing a gold band on a very important finger.

Today, I’ve got to deliver the news that Hollywood Life is reporting it was definitely a gift from Justin Bieber (although it is not an engagement ring), and that Selena’s family are “freaking out” that the pair might be planning to elope! Unfortunately, they feel that Selena is “totally wrapped up” in Justin, and that she’ll go down the same destructive path she did before when she was trying to keep up with his hard partying ways.

According to the source,

She’s telling everyone that she’s fine, that they’re all overreacting but that’s not making anyone feel better about this,” the insider added. “The problem is no one wants to alienate her. She’s an adult now, it’s not like her parents can tell her what to do, so it’s a very delicate situation. No one in her circle is happy that she’s back together with Justin, they’ve even talked about staging some sort of intervention to get her away from him but at this point that would only push her closer to him. Until he screws up again there’s not much that anyone can do.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that these two either figure things out together, and Justin learns to curb his bad habits, or that they go their separate ways to avoid more drama.

Photos via WENN.