Jessica Simpson Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers

If you thought the timing of Jennifer Hudson’s departure as the Weight Watchers spokeswoman was a bit suspect, you may be on to something.

Sources are saying that Jennifer decided to leave Weight Watchers because the brand began pushing Jessica Simpson’s weight loss success more and more. And Jennifer was not happy about it.

According to The National Enquirer (so take this with a grain of salt), Jennifer feels that she is a much better representation of the Weight Watchers plan, seeing as though she steadily lost weight – and kept if off over time. Meanwhile, she feels that Jessica’s weight was all over the place, and she never really steadily followed the plan.

To me, Jennifer doesn’t really seem like the type to hold a grudge, so I’m doubting this story a bit. Isn’t it possible that Jennifer’s contract was up and she just decided not to renew? After all – she reached her goal weight.

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  1. namaste says

    Jennifer Hudson had private WW leader. If she ever attented a meeting in Chicago, it was just as ‘fluff.’

    Furthermore, she did NOT lose 80 pounds on WW. She lost maybe the last 10-15 At MOST on WW.

    How do I know? I’m a former WW employee…. and Hudson’s membership was a big joke among the staff. Glad she’s gone. She did NOTHING for the image of the company

  2. furball says

    My question is what is wrong with her face? If she lost weight by diet and exercise, her face would not look like that. It is clear to anyone with half a brain that she had surgery. She looks like Al Roker and that other creepy alien looking woman that had the surgery and tried to hide it.