Buckingham Palace To Display Prince George’s Christening Gown


Buckingham Palace has announced their summer opening theme, and it’s inspired by none other than Prince George – and probably his younger cousins Mia Grace Tindall and Maud Windsor!

The theme for this summer’s opening, which will be July through October, is “royal childhood,” and will feature many toys, clothing, and items used by the royal family – dating as far back to Queen Victoria – throughout their childhoods. Some of The Queen’s toys from her childhood will be on display, as well as some outfits worn by Prince William when he was a child.

Two of the items that will be on display will be Prince George’s christening gown, which is a replica of the one Queen Victoria had commissioned for her daughter Victoria’s christening, and was used by every royal baby since, as well as the silver-gilt Lily Font. The Font is the actual one that Queen Victoria commissioned, and has been used at every royal christening since.

Photos via WENN.