Lindsay Lohan: Is She In Financial Trouble?

Lindsay Lohan

Oh man. With Oprah in her corner I thought for sure Lindsay Lohan was finally going to get her stuff together and catch a break!

While Lindsay seems to have gotten some of her biggest vices (alcohol and drugs) under control, her spending doesn’t seem to be calming down. The actress, who is currently starring in her own docu-series on OWN, recently went into the Rag and Bone shop in SoHo to pick up some goodies. Unfortunately, when she went to pay for her purchase, which came in at around $300, her credit cards were all declined.

After trying to negotiate for a few minutes (I didn’t know you could negotiate in retail stores…) Lindsay’s friend eventually stepped up and paid for her friend.

Photos via WENN.




  1. jj says

    .. Lindsey’s friend … paid for her friend. AND then she sold the story to recoup her money !!