Kirstie Alley Re-Teaming With Jenny Craig (Video)

kirstie alley re-joining jenny craigHome sweet home! Seven years after parting ways with Jenny Craig, Kirstie Alley has re-teamed with the weight loss program. Why? She’s gained 30 pounds in the last six months.

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I applaud Kirstie for seeing the issue and tackling it head on! She lost 100 pounds in 2011 between her own Organic Weight Loss System and competing on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ When the numbers on the scale started to creep up again, Kirstie knew it was time to take action. She explained to People:

I was good for awhile and then I wasn’t good, and the weight crept up. Like I say in the ad, I’m not circus fat. I didn’t hugely screw up. I didn’t gain 75. I gained 30.”

She’s right: it’s not a huge screw up. Many people gain back more weight than they lose! So why return to Jenny Craig?

I love that you have a consultant. It’s like being an athlete. No athlete is going to do well without having a coach. We have to equate that to life. Without a coach helping us along the way, I don’t think someone can make it for the long haul.”

I can see where the consultant would be helpful! So Kirstie’s back to eating the Jenny Craig meals, supplemented with her Organic Weight Loss Line, which will also be sold at Jenny Craig Centers. She has a specific goal:

I need to get myself to where I feel cocky again.”

LOVE her! I’m sure Kirstie will be feeling cocky in no time ;). Take a look at her new Jenny Craig commercial.