Seth Rogen Talks ‘Neighbors’ And Marriage

Seth Rogen

Funnyman Seth Rogen sat down for a chit-chat with Redbook and dished on his new movie Neighbors (co-starring Zac Efron), as well as what it was like to transition from “boyfriend” to “husband.” That’s right ladies – he’s off the market.

During his interview, Seth dished on filming Neighbors and fessed up that he’s actually  been that neighbor before.

I’ve been the bad neighbor. When I was 18, I lived with another actor, and our neighbor despised us, rightfully so. Parties, loud music—we had complete disregard for people who went to sleep at a normal time and had to get up to go to a job. We pushed cheeseburgers through his mail slot!

He also dished on his acting career – saying that while it’s tough, he knows it’s “not as hard as a real job.” Ha!

You can check out the issue of Redbook on newsstands April 8, and you can check out the interview here.

Photos via WENN.