Amanda Bynes Schizophrenia Statement Might Have Been A Lie

Amanda Bynes

Yesterday I reported that Amanda Bynes’ lawyers had released a statement denying that the star was ever diagnosed with schizophrenia, but now word is coming out that that may have been a lie!

It turns out that Amanda’s mother may have taken her off of all medications against doctor’s orders, because she feels that all of Amanda’s totally weird behavior was the direct result of smoking marijuana.  However, it seems that people close to Amanda are worried that she actually did have a serious diagnosis, and that taking her off medication is 100% not the right move.

TMZ has been doing some digging and they seem to have unearthed some evidence that clearly indicates that Amanda had some sort of major mental illness – including the fact that her lawyers had trials postponed based on medical records stating she had a mental illness, and the fact that she was placed on an LPS Hold. A patient can only be placed on an LPS Hold when, “gravely disabled as the result of a mental disorder or impairment by chronic alcoholism.”

Hopefully Amanda and her doctors are working together, and this is all a lot of hogwash. I truly hope she’s getting better!

Photos via Fame Flynet.