Kim Kardashian Put Her Plan To Marry Kanye West Into Motion 5 Years Ago!

Kim Kardashian DASH Dolls

In some completely unsurprising news, Kim Kardashian has been lusting after her future husband, Kanye West, for 5 years. Yes – even when she was dating Reggie Bush and married to Kris Humphries! (That last bit is unsurprising, since Kanye appeared on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians while Kim was with Kris and  the two were definitely flirting.)

Sources are reporting that Kanye was actually part of the reason that Kim and Reggie broke up a few times, since he kept catching her trying to “set up an affair” with him. Ouch!

That news – that Kim was trying to cheat on Reggie – would have me totally freaked out if I was the one dating her, but Ki has that figured out too. In order to prove to Kanye that she only has eyes for him and that she isn’t in contact with any f her exes – or any other guys – she lets him check her phone every night. Uhm, kinda creepy – no?

Photos via WENN.