Grandmas Fly For First Time (Feel Good Video Of The Day)

grandmothers fly for first time 2Talk about an inspirational feel good video! These two grandmas, An and Ria, had never flown before, but they wanted to conquer their fears and do it. Vodafone Firsts found out about it and arranged for the ladies to fly by private jet to Barcelona. This short video follows them getting ready to fly for the first time as well as enjoying their time in Barcelona.

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I knew Ria was going to be okay as soon as I saw her laughing while riding on the roller coaster. An seemed to be a bit more fearful, but she got over her nerves and enjoyed the flight. It was touching to watch her talk to her husband on her tablet about the experience afterwards. This video reminds me that it’s NEVER too late to do something for the first time. Get a cup of coffee or tea before you settle in to watch it: it’s nearly 10 minutes long, but it’s worth it. What new thing are you ready to try?