Ben Affleck Hot New Trailer: ‘Gone Girl’

gone girl gone trailerWe have lots of movie news today! I’ve been waiting for this one! Here’s the first trailer for Ben Affleck’s highly anticipated movie, ‘Gone Girl Gone.’ Ben returned to his leading man roots for this movie; David Fincher directed. Have you read the novel by Gillian Flynn? I haven’t, but I’ve heard it’s great. RELATED: Ben Affleck is prepping to star in ‘Gone Girl Gone.’

How does ‘Gone Girl Gone’ look to you? This looks like an intense thriller. I’m trying to decide if I should read the book or not. This seems like a movie where knowing the ending is probably going to limit your ability to enjoy it. I typically enjoy the books more than the movie version, but maybe I’ll wait until after I see the movie to check out the book. Take a look at the trailer.




  1. ANN says

    The book was so good! You gotta read it! It looks like they might have done a good job on the movie.