Celeb Blind Item: Who’s The Diva?

Blind Folded ManIf this is true, then this celeb’s behavior was AWFUL. Note that INO doesn’t actually write these blind items, so for the part that says “…this female celebrity that I hate more than anyone right now…” that’s actually CDAN, not INO :). Here’s the goss:

At an event this week, the female celebrity I hate more than anyone right now made it a condition to her appearance that any person who spoke to her be removed from the event. Several people were removed from the event for the infraction and our celebrity who really can no longer be called an actress also tried to have two people removed who looked at her because she said they looked at her “angrily.” I bet the cameras don’t show any of that though.

Any guesses? Take a guess and then check out the reveal. Do you believe it? As much as I don’t want to, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true, I’m afraid.

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights