Chloe Grace Moretz Hot New Trailer ‘If I Stay’

if i stay trailerHave you read Gayle Forman’s YA novel, ‘If I Stay’? I’ve heard of it but haven’t had a chance to: it’s in my gigantic TBR pile. ‘If I Stay’ is about a teen girl who’s badly injured in a car accident. She is caught in a kind of “in between” place, where she gets to choose if she wants to live or die. Chloe Grace Moretz stars in the film adaptation.

This looks like a heartfelt, poignant movie. Sometimes those types of movies become saccharine, but ‘If I Stay’ looks like it was done right. Chloe is an amazing actress; it looks like she turns in another fantastic performance here. I saw her in the ‘Carrie’ remake: she held her own with veteran Julianne Moore. RELATED: Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore star in ‘Carrie’ remake. I fully expect to see her winning an Oscar one day. ‘If I Stay’ might be the role that puts her in contention! Take a look at the trailer.