Tori Spelling Opens Up About Dean McDermott’s Cheating

Tori Spelling Films Her New Reality ShowNow that we’re about to see Tori Spelling deal with the fallout from Dean McDermott’s cheating on the Lifetime docu-series ‘True Tori,’ she’s opening up about how she’s feeling these days. I’m still shocked she’s doing a reality TV show about it. I can’t IMAGINE dealing with anything so private in such a public venue. So how’s she feeling these days? RELATED: Watch Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott in new Lifetime series ‘True Tori.’

Tori opened up to Us Weekly.

He was my soulmate, but he completely broke my heart. It makes you not trust anything that’s happened in your relationship.”

So why didn’t she kick Dean out of the house immediately?

I feel so judged, but it’s not black and white.”

I’m guessing their four kids together had something to do with it! I feel so torn as I follow this saga. On one hand, seeing the clip from ‘True Tori’ where they’re talking to a marriage counselor, I genuinely feel absolutely horrible for Tori. Looking at that clip, seeing her weight loss, I don’t doubt that she’s devastated. On the other hand, her relationship with Dean started as an AFFAIR. She herself admitted she had her concerns. RELATED: Tori Spelling suspicious of Dean McDermott.

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