Taylor Swift To Join The Cast of GIRLS

Taylor Swift Girls

If you loved Taylor Swift’s acting debut in the movie Valentine’s Day and were hoping you’d get another chance to see her test her chops well – it’s your lucky day.

Rumors are getting louder that Taylor has signed on to the cast of Girls for the fourth season of the hit HBO show. Apparently Lena Dunham, the star, creator, and writer of the show, has been trying to get Taylor on the show for ages – and she’s hoping that now that she’s got Taylor on board she can also snag another super famous name… Cara Delevingne.

If there’s one thing Girls doesn’t need to boost its ratings it’s gimmicks – it’s been one of the most popular shows on TV since it’s initial debut, so I presume that adding Taylor and Cara to the cast can only enhance what’s already great, rather than be something pandering and ploying.

Photos via Fame Flynet.