Jennifer Aniston Might Be Pregnant With A Baby Girl!

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant

I hate to do this, because – by my count – if every pregnancy rumor was true, Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant for the last 15 years and should have about 19 child – some of them twins – by now.

But, the rumors are swirling again that Jennifer Aniston is expecting a baby girl with her fiance, Justin Theroux

Since photos have surfaced of Jennifer on the set of her new movie, Cake, speculation has been rife that there’s a bit of a baby bump under her loose fitting clothing. Sources close to the couple are also confirming that Jennifer and Justin are expecting a baby girl, and that Jennifer is just about three and a half months along. However, the “bump” in the photos could just be something that’s been added for the film – after all they also put a huge scar down the side Jennifer’s face and we know she hasn’t been viciously attacked recently!

As I said earlier, Jennifer is pretty much always on the end of a pregnancy rumor, but this source seems pretty confident in their knowledge of the situation so we’ll see!

Photos via Fame Flynet.




  1. Giveitupshe50 says

    Nice bit of fiction to go with her dumpy appearance onset…might even be believable if pics of her arriving to the set (before makeup and wardrobe) didn’t exist of her looking flat and thin as a pancake. She’s wearing ‘extra’ layers and a bit of padding to look even more dumpy and middleaged onscreen, but in pics of her arriving she still has her pilates cabo ready exhibitionist bod. See below.

  2. Danny says

    Oh please if these two were plannig on having kids it would have happened by now she can’t even get him down the isle.

  3. jj says

    Oh thank heavens she is such a wonderful person she must be thrilled. She is going to be a great mother….. lol