SNOOKI Isn’t Exactly Ready For A Daughter (Video)

snooki baby revealSo Snooki found out- on camera- if she’s pregnant with a boy or girl. She was holding her son, Lorenzo, and her fiance had put balloons in a box for her to open. The color would reveal if she was expecting a son or a daughter. Snooki’s reaction is HILARIOUS. RELATED: Snooki is pregnant with baby #2!

At first she tries to act excited when the pink balloons float out but then she says,

“Oh God, kill me.”

Lorenzo didn’t seem excited about any part of the process- LOL. Snooki admitted she’s “terrified” but “excited” at the thought of having a daughter. Don’t worry, Snooki: you’ll handle it. Somehow. JWoww’s expecting a girl, too: they can support each other since their daughters will be close in age.