Wedding Date And Location Set

George Clooney engaged

The wedding date has been set for George Clooney and his gorgeous (and brilliant!) fiance Amal Alamuddin!

It looks like Hollywood’s newest power couple are planning to get married in Quebec, Canada on September 20, 2014. The couple are apparently planning to keep the ceremony and reception “small,” although when you’re dealing with two people who are at the top of the field in their respective careers, “small” probably doesn’t mean the same thing to them as it does to me!

And if you’ve been waiting for the details of George’s proposal to Amal, get ready! According to sources, “George … 

cooked a meal himself for Amal at home on April 22, then he surprised her by getting down on bended knee and presenting her with the ring. He was so happy she accepted, he was calling friends with the news later that night.” 

Aw, that’s seriously so sweet! After seeing Kanye West’s mega-proposal to Kim Kardashian, it’s  nice to know that some celebrities still appreciate having an intimate, private moment with their beloved.

Photos via Fame Flynet.